Do you need to highlight your promotion for a product, service or event?
We can help you to create a microsite to immediately engage and gather information to exemplify your marketing campaign.

Ewands e-Campaigns overview

Your personalized e · Features

Real-time management anytime and anywhere to build a better following immediately.

Real-time Dashboard

View live results of your campaign performance instantly in interactive management systems.

Understand how your campaign performs everywhere to target your audience with precision.
Know your marketing Return Of Investment instantaneously on advertisements.
Total Registration
+50 this week


Total Guest
+150 this week


Referral Click Counts

Anytime, Anywhere...Amplified!

Accurate Customer information data whenever and however you want it.

Centralized data captured. Continuous cloud computing.
Customers can register from multiple devices. It's their choice!
Improve customer service with updated feedback.

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Customizing and synchronizing all e · Material to amplify and energize your e · messages to your targeted customers.

Ensure your communication is delivered with eye-catchy info-graphics.
Encourage social media marketing, email customized broadcasts & Google advertising.

Online marketing

And more...

User Sign Up

Customers can register easily and only you have access to this information.


Tracking of participant’s appointments at events to help identify percentage of sales conversion success per campaign.

Survey Feedback

Tap into customers' ideas and gain insight not only creating stronger customer-relationship but better products and services.

Location Map

Easily embed an accurate location map to help ensure your customers know where you are at.

Email Tracking

Visualized in a graphical report on customers' email behavior.

SEO Friendly

Essential guide to list in Google as well as a guided checklist to ensure you have entered the correct meta data.

Print, Export & Import

Our professional reports are presented with an easy export and print option to help ease your data integration.

QR Code Generator

Accessible tools to help you engineer a code for your customers to get all the information they need from you.