Looking for a Project Management Tools that best fit all your requirements?
We can help you to customize e · PMS according to your needs.

e · Features Highlights

Role-based access management anytime and anywhere to manage all your projects superb efficiently.

Dashboard Control

Personalised dashboard to manage your daily tasks and news feeds all at a glance.

Task automation - making processes more efficient and team more productive
Focus assist by Color Coded UI
Role base access to your tasks, team or project status.
View, manage, complete tasks within dashboard.

Project Management System Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Search and view overall project progress, with team collaboration tools.

Instant search and view project details
Viewing project progressive in gantt chart
Speed up pinpointing the issue
Documents sharing and group chat with team

Project dashboard gantt chart

Workflow Automation

Rule based logic to automate your manual work, ensure SOP being executed by team.

Customize and edit your own workflow with our editor
Automate repetitive tasks, cut down work load, for better result.
Integration with your existing software

Workflow Automation

Anytime, Anywhere...Amplified!

Accurate project information data whenever and however you want it.

Centralized data captured. Continuous cloud computing.
Get reminded and completing tasks while you are on the go!
Everything at your finger tips.

anytime anywhere

And more...

Task transfer

Conditionally transfer task according to your needs.

KPI Dashboard

Set goal and measure project, team and individual performance.

Gantt Chart

View project progress in a scheduled timeline, pinpointing issue, critical path.

Access Control List

Manage users and assign privileges with our user-friendly login matrix.

Reporting Tools

Our professional reports are presented with an easy export and print option to help ease your data integration.


Intelligence Keyword Search the full portal, showing categorized and summarized information with quick links.

Alert & Notification

Get reminded with all upcoming or dued tasks, todo, appointments, team messages and more.


Integration with SAP

Automated synchronization with SAP, performing cross platform data accuracy.